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How Lanterns Can Bring Joy To The World.

How Lanterns Can Bring Joy To The World.


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Friends make us better people. They challenge us, support us and introduce new things to our lives. When we start to feel like there isn't much joy in the world, our dreams stall, people hurt other people, anxiety reigns, and things seem murky, its friends on which we lean. They talk us through the tough stuff and help us answer: 

Is there a light in the world? 

Is there joy?

Has humankind lost its ability to be kind?

And then we remember we have amazing, loving and rock solid friends that carry us forward and teach us new things. 

Speaking of beautiful friends and new things, a lovely someone introduced me the German holiday, Laternelaufen, which is today. It means "walk with lanterns." You can read the legend of the holiday here "Laternelaufen - The Story of Saint Martin." This holiday is vital. It brings kindness and friendship forward. Let's create a potent symbol, the lantern, to show the goodness that exists around us.

Laternelaufen Paper Lanterns

  • 1 - 12.5" x 9" piece Canson Opalux Paper {affiliate link} or found here at 
  • 2 pieces of cardstock with the bottom template, cuff and celestial pattern printed here
  • Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue{affiliate link}
  • 2 rubber bands
  • 25 gauge garden wire
  • 1/4" wooden dowel rod about 14" long
  • craft knife{affiliate link}
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • a hole punch
  • pliers
  • 1 battery powdered tea light

1. With the craft knife score .5 inch of the Opalux paper on the right side from top to bottom. The tab will be the connector to the left side. Now, score every 2" from top to bottom. Fold the paper on each score.

2. Cut out the bottom and shapes. Fold the tabs on the bottom. Using scissors cut out the cuff and shapes. Glue the two pieces of cuff together and let dry. Score the cuff by half lengthwise and fold over. Score the width of the cuff every two inches.  

3. Glue the star and moon shapes to the inside of the Opalux paper. Let dry for approximately 5 min. Now glue the right .5 tab to the left side. You will have a 3-dimensional hexagon shape. Continue to let dry.

4. Slide the base tabs into the inside of the hexagon and glue to the inside. Glue the cuff to the top and let dry completely

5. Punch two holes at the top of the hexagon. With the pliers, cut an 8-inch piece of garden wire. Twist in the middle to create a loop. Thread the other two ends of the wire into the two holes on the hexagon and bend the wire to secure.


6. Slide and loop on rubber band on the end of the dowel rod. Slide the dowel rod through the loop in the lantern wire. Tie the rubber band on the side opposite of the first rubber band so the lantern wire is sandwiched between the two rubber bands.

Place a battery operated tea light the bottom of the lantern.


Watch as our lanterns bring joy to the world as they shine their light on the places the world needs to see.

Until tomorrow friends.







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