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Who Needs A DIY Project That Will Make Your Home Beautiful?

Who Needs A DIY Project That Will Make Your Home Beautiful?

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With the longer days of fall ahead and the colder months of winter looming, it is a great time to think about creating something for our homes that will bring nature inside our space. This Kokedama String Garden from ProFlowers is just the answer to making something lovely, alive and modern as our time outdoors shortens.


ProFlowers is providing an easy step-by-step tutorial to show us how to create our very own Kokedama string garden. They want us to know:

"Creating something meaningful for our home is the perfect way to add a natural decor element that makes a big impact.

Whether you’re looking to add some interest to space or create something unique, a kokedama string garden might be just what you need. Kokedama is a Japanese gardening method where a plant’s roots are wrapped in moss and suspended. As a centuries old art form, the kokedama string garden has been around for a while and is making its way back into homes as a unique decor element. And the best part? Creating your own is probably easier than you’d expect. To help you get started on your own, ProFlowers put together a DIY string garden tutorial. So let’s get started making something one-of-a-kind!"

Check out this video as I use the ProFlowers tutorial to make one of these delightful kokedama balls of wonder.

After doing this project based on the ProFlowers tutorial, the kokedama is an easy way to add nature back into any indoor setting. While I opted not to hang my creation, letting it dangle at a window would be equally interesting. 

It is important to know, gathering the supplies was the hardest part. There was a lot of work searching online and in stores to find all the right goodies. However, there were oodles of dirt and moss left over after making just one kokedama. So many supplies, we could make a ton of these delightful, green gems for gifts for the holidays or invite friends over for a fun kokedama creating party.

To make things simple, here is a list of easiest places to find the hardest to find supplies:

Twine - It was important for me the twine blended into the moss. I found a Hemptique Hemp Cord Spool {affiliate link} worked well. It was the perfect weight and strength. For simple cotton twine this worked well and can be used in the kitchen after the project is complete: Librett Durables Butchers Twine {affiliate link}.

Sheet moss, sphagnum moss, peat soil, potting soil - All of these items were found in the garden center at my local home improvement store and were far less expensive than online. 

Bonsai soil - This is the only place I could locate the Bonsai soil. {affilate link}


Well, let me know how your moss balls turn out.

Until tomorrow friends!

When You Take Time To Care About Yourself, It Helps.

When You Take Time To Care About Yourself, It Helps.

Grab A Highlighter And Make Your Life Happy.

Grab A Highlighter And Make Your Life Happy.