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The 2-Hour Easy Costume That Will Delight Everyone.

The 2-Hour Easy Costume That Will Delight Everyone.


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Don’t panic. Halloween is just two days away. Is there a little critter that still needs an epic Halloween costume?

Oh, yeah!

Quick, run to the store and grab a little pre-fab costume wonder.

No, way! That would be like cooking hot dogs in the microwave; too simple.

Let’s drive ourselves batty and stitch-up the furriest and most lovable Halloween howler since the original Teenwolf {affiliate link} movie! Warning for all you DIY divas who are interested in creating this little pile of fluff, you will need one skill; how to whip stitch. If quick stitching is in your wheelhouse, this is a 2-hour project guaranteed to make everyone howl with delight.

Husky Pup Costume


Step 1 (husky hood): Cut 2 - 16” rectangular pieces of the fox fur. Safety pin together one long side and one short side of the rectangles with the fur on the inside. Confirm the direction of the fur is pointing to the opening where the face will appear. Now sew together the two (2) sides with the safety pins. Remove the safety pins and turn the rectangles, so the fur is now on the outside. You now should have the beginning of a husky hood.

Step 2 (ears): Cut two (2) large triangles from the fox fur. Each triangle should be approximately 6” tall and 5” at the base. Cut two (2) of the same sized triangles from the Eskimo fur. Using the safety pins, pin together one (1) triangle of the fox fur and one (1) triangle of the Eskimo fur with the fur on the inside. Sew the two (2) 6-inch sides together. Repeat for the 2nd ear. Turn the fur so it is on the outside.

Step 3: Using the safety pins, pin each ear to the hood. This is an important step as the positioning is critical in making the hood look like a canine. Make sure to use a model to place the ears in the right position. Once the ears are in place, sew the ears to the hood. The husky hood is complete.

Step 4 (tail): Using the remaining fox fur, roll up the fabric in a tight tube. Cut to the tube to the length of the tail desired (about 16”). Sew along the seam.

Step 5 (tail tip): Cut a 6-inch by 4-inch rectangle from the Eskimo fur. Sew together the two shorter ends (4-inch) and then one longer end (6-inch) so there is a cup-like shape.

Step 6 (whole tail): Place the Eskimo fur tip on one end of the fox fur roll and sew in place. Add a safety pin to the opposite end.

Use any remaining scraps to make fur paws and fur trim for the legs.


Until tomorrow husky pack!

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