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Why You Need To Quote The Life Around You.

Why You Need To Quote The Life Around You.


Day 2 Of Finding Empathy.

It's hard to find the right words to say, including to ourselves. Maybe we are stuck in a creative rut or searching for a sage piece of advice. Our internal dialogue has nothing to offer that is meaningful. The thoughts we jot down don't seem right. It's a no spark, no voice moment. We can feel like we have a brain clog.

Today, I have a creative roadblock. Let's be honest; I'm putting up barriers. I'm not doing the work. I have a form of writer's block. The creative side of me is stuck. However, a wise man once said "Plumbers don't get plumbers block. They show up and do the work, fix what needs improvement, and they move on." 

So, what kind of wrench will get our creative juices flowing again?

A  whole bunch of quotes.


We should think of a quote as empathy from the universe. Afterall, the cosmos has experienced everything, and it just might have the right words to keep us going.

Thankfully Invaluable has 30 beautiful quotes help get us back to living our creative life.

Here is what Invaluable has to say about creative roadblocks:

It's happened to all of us. You're on a creative kick and then all of a sudden you get stuck and are in a creative rut. Not only is it super frustrating but it can also make you want to abandon the work completely, something you shouldn't do. That's why words of encouragement can be so helpful. It can be from a friend or partner, but the right words are often enough to make your ideas click or at the very least enough to inspire you to get back to work again.

With that in mind, sometimes people aren't available to tell you the words you need to get back to work. That's why having quotes on hand for when you need inspiration is a great way to always stay inspired. Using these 30 different creativity quotes from Invaluable, you can take solace in the words of Da Vinci and Rembrandt, whether you're a painter or looking for creative inspiration in other areas of your life, be it cooking, writing, or other creative ideas. Hear how their thoughts on striving for perfection or what they look to for inspiration, and you may find exactly the thing you need to hear to get back to your creative dreams!


Universe thank you for the pep talk and Invaluable for the quotes. Let's now spread the words.

Until tomorrow friends.

This Is How To Be More Empathatic Today.

This Is How To Be More Empathatic Today.

How To See Empathy In The World Around Us.

How To See Empathy In The World Around Us.